Monday, March 20, 2017

A Comeback

assalamualaikum wbt.

thank god i am able to retrieve this blog's password. after so many months not updating anything, i think i have to get back on track in writing regularly. i mean madam mahani (my english teacher) must be very proud because one of her students really took her advice seriously (to keep a journal, and write on it minimum one paragraph per day)

well, i actually write. about a lot of things (not that lot teehee just exaggerating) particularly of my emotions and feelings (im a woman thats number one and my personality test revealed that im an EMOTIONAL INTROVERT OMG IS THAT REAL NOW ONLY I REALIZED IT ISSSS REAL) *sniffsniff
back to the topic. yeah i do write, at times more than one paragraph per day, but i just dont feel like publishing it here. somewhere that you-know-who can read my secretsssss teehehehehe. this blog clearly has no follower (its 2017, people dont blog any longer, they facebook or twitter) but am sure the you-know-who will be the one in a million that reads my blog.

i know now you wonder who's that you-know-who :P

it's you lah!


till then <3 p="">

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